"​Susan is very flexible and great to work with. She holds dog and owner accountable. I'm really impressed with the progress my puppy has made to learn all the right behaviors." 

​​​Nicole S.

"Susan is a wonderful person who has made a big difference in my dogs and my life. She is a great at what she does and is a caring person. She really cares about the animals and what you have to say. I can ask her a question about training. She is always so helpful. There are people out there that just go to there work, but not Susan. She loves what she does. There is not a day that does not like Susan. I could not get my dog to stay. Now she stays and so much more thanks to her. It's a joy to come to class. I know my dog and I are in good hands."  


"​​Susan is just outstanding with the way she works with dogs. She is always focused on the actual problem and helps to solve it!"

​​​Nicole G.

Heart Pet Care & Dog  Training  - Reviews

​​"Susan Lewis is an amazing dog trainer! Our dog started training with Susan when she was 5 months old in a puppy class. She immediately started learning the basic commands. Our dog did so well with Susan's help that we enrolled her in the intermediate class then the advanced class. Susan not only knows basic commands and how to get dogs to obey them, but she is very patient with the dogs and the owners. Susan has a positive attitude and a calm nature that transfers to the animals and their owners which helps reduce any frustration. We felt confident after each class that she had given us instructions necessary to continue training at home. Susan is also a responsible trainer. She was always punctual. She was always happy and greeted us with a friendly smile and attitude. We felt comfortable asking any type of question. Susan was happy to repeat the instructions. I was also impressed that she would volunteer to seek answers questions and prepare for the next class."   

Sincerely, Diane ​​​

​​"Susan's a very gifted trainer. She is training our puppy and we see fantastic results."

​​​Maria U.

Pawsome Reviews

"Heart trains our puppy with positive reinforcement, and gives us the skills to maintain our puppy's good behavior in our home and in social settings. Our puppy now sits, lies down, stays, comes, and more upon command. This excellent, enjoyable, and effective training has made us--and our puppy--very happy. Thank you Heart Pet Care and Dog Training!!!"

Janet R

"Susan Lewis has been a gift to my fur child. Jack is 2 years young active independent German Shepherd. She has been instrumental in teaching us to communicate successfully! We are learning each lesson, reviewing and growing forward! Susan has a special gift about her that our dog trusted immediately, I highly recommend her training service!  On one occasion, I was down with the flu, she continued training and playing with My dog. She helped our consistency so we could stay on track ! We are so thankful. I recommend hiring Susan and enjoy having fun and peace of mind with your dog as we feel!"           

​​Dawn M.

Susan thank you for all the wonderful training of our 3 Aussies. Watching all of my dogs work with Susan is a lot of fun. Susan I can't thank you enough for helping me get the team organized and working together.