My Puppy's Prayer

​God spoke the name of your puppy before Earth began and so the bond became one between Dog and Man. The history of Dogs is 150,000 years old. There is much work to be done

before winning AKC Gold. 

​Dogs are born to serve and born dance. They were born to help us embrace life's chance. Dogs teach us to allow our hearts to take flight and remember that we are all made from God's Breath Of Light. ​​  

The Fairy Dog Mother


1. Live in the moment.​

2. Overcome fear with love.

3. Don’t hold grudges

4. Play every day.

5. Jump for joy when you’re happy.

6. Accept yourself.
7. Enjoy the journey.
8. Drink lots of water.
9. Be loyal and dependable.
10. Love unconditionally.